ChipCards and EASYDRIVE cards are going to be replaced as Venda, Graubünden's ticket vending system, is being rolled out. The discount programme is called VendaProfit. In three regions, you can get discounts on your personal ticket, which you can now add to your SwissPass.

VendaProfit prices

The prices for VendaProfit from 10 December 2023 are available on the invia website:

fare network Transreno
fare network Davos
fare network engadin mobil

VendaProfit registration

To benefit from the discount, you need to have a SwissPass with activated payment function and a VendaProfit customer account.

Regions and tickets with discount


TransReno tariff association (Landquart - Rhäzüns)
Single tickets/day passes


Zone 400
Single tickets/day passes

Upper Engadine

engadin mobil tariff association (Maloja - Cinuos-chel and Spinas - Alp Grüm)
Single tickets/24-hour passes

Note: Only the account holder is eligible for the discount. Any additional companion, bike or dog ticket is charged at its regular rate.

Returning your ChipCard/EASYDRIVE card

Your ChipCard/EASYDRIVE card can be returned. The credit balance is transferred to your SwissPass or, if you wish, it can be paid out here:

Region Chur
- Chur Bus, Bahnhofplatz 3, 7000 Chur

- Davos Transport Company, Dorfstrasse 18, 7260 Davos

Region Upper Engadine
- Engadin Bus, Plazza da la Staziun 6, 7500 St. Moritz

- RhB Bahnhof St. Moritz, Plazza da la Staziun 6, 7500 St. Moritz
- RhB Bahnhof Samedan, Via Retica 20, 7503 Samedan
- RhB Bahnhof Pontresina, Via da la Staziun 47, 7504 Pontresina
- RhB Bahnhof Bever, Via Maistra 21, 7502 Bever
- RhB Bahnhof Zuoz, Via Staziun 67, 7524 Zuoz

- Bever Tourist Info, Via Maistra 21, 7502 Bever
- Celerina Tourist Info, Plazza da la Staziun 8, 7505 Celerina
- La Punt Tourist Info, Via Cumünela 43, 7522 La Punt
- Maloja Tourist Info, Strada cantonale 367, 7516 Maloja
- Pontresina Tourist Info, Via Maistra 133, 7504 Pontresina
- Samedan Tourist Info, Plazzet 3, 7503 Samedan
- Silvaplana Tourist Info, Via dal Farrér 2, 7513 Silvaplana
- Zuoz Tourist Info, Via Staziun 67, 7524 Zuoz

Note: Please return your ChipCard/EASYDRIVE card to where you bought it from. Your card can be returned up to one year after the launch of Venda at the latest.

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