VendaAutomat machines are going to replace the existing ChipCard/EASYDRIVE terminals on buses and at bus stops and RhB stations across the three regions of Chur, Davos and the Upper Engadine. You can buy the following electronic tickets from VendaAutomat machines cash-free. Single tickets and day passes, and now also group tickets, travelcards and various special tickets.

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Tickets on offer

The following tickets and travelcards can be bought from VendaAutomat machines:

Entire canton of Graubünden
Single tickets/day passes
- Group tickets
- Monthly, semiannual and annual passes
- BÜGA month pass
- Switching GA/BÜGA day and month pass classes
- Switching classes (per route)
- Night bus
- various special tickets:
Graubünden dog/bike day pass
TransReno event ticket
Canoe month pass

Also in the regions
a) Chur (Transreno tariff association)

- VendaProfit (only with SwissPass): Discount on single tickets and day passes

b) Davos (Davos tariff association)
- VendaProfit (only with SwissPass): Discount on single and day passes (zone 400)
- Multi-day passes (Davos seven-day card)

c) Upper Engadine (engadin mobil tariff association)
- VendaProfit (only with SwissPass): Discount on single tickets and day passes
- Multi-day passes (engadin mobil visitor pass)

Not on offer:
- Multi-ride/multi-day passes
- Modular travelcards
- Annual BÜGA pass
- Tickets covering Switzerland as a whole

Paying for your electronic ticket online                   

When you buy a ticket from a VendaAutomat machine, your ticket or pass is electronically stored on a card. You pay cash-free using an electronic payment method.

Note: You can place multiple tickets on your card, for example, for a fellow passenger, a bike or a dog.

Karte (Trägermedium)




  • SwissPass
  • SwissPass payment card
  • credit card
  • debit card (Maestro)

credit-/debit card

  • credit-/debit card
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • debit card (Maestro)


  • VendaPrepaid
  • VendaPrepaid

You add the ticket to your SwissPass. In order to pay, please select: SwissPass payment card, Maestro, credit card or TWINT.

The checking process is secure and anonymous. Data protection is guaranteed. When scanning, ticket inspectors can only see the tickets you have bought. No personal data (numbers, names, card limits, etc.) is displayed. The credit card number is shown in encrypted form.


VendaPrepaid is a single-use prepaid bearer card. You can use it as an alternative to your SwissPass or credit/debit card.

- Can only be used at VendaAutomat machines
- Valid for one year after the first use
- Cannot be topped up
- Two types: CHF 10 (yellow), CHF 20 (blue)
- No VendaProfit discount
- Can be paid for in cash only
- Available from Chur Bus, Verkehrsbetrieb Davos, Engadin Bus and St. Moritz Local Bus drivers and on PostBus routes without chauffeur sales.

Note: Tickets bought using VendaPrepaid are added to your VendaPrepaid card. When your ticket is inspected, you have to show your VendaPrepaid card.

Checking your credit balance
You can check the current balance of your VendaPrepaid at any VendaAutomat machine.

How to do it:
1) Select the Continue without SwissPass button on the start screen.
2) At the very bottom of the next screen, select the My Tickets button.
3) Log in using your VendaPrepaid: You can see details of your recent purchases and the card balance.

Dealing with the remaining balance
If your VendaPrepaid credit balance is too low, the outstanding amount of a ticket can only be paid using a new VendaPrepaid (not with a SwissPass payment card, a debit/credit card or TWINT).


Postcards are now being exchanged on a staggered basis. The replacement is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Your new PostFinance card can be used (in combination with your Debit Mastercard card) as a (carrier) card and a payment method at Venda machines.

Smartphone / Smartwatch

A credit/debit card is stored in the background. Use your smartphone or smartwatch just like your credit/debit card: as a (carrier) card or payment method. The ticket is stored on the mobile credit/debit card's EMV chip.

Please note: In order for your ticket to be read at the checkpoint, the NFC function must be activated on your mobile device. This means that, depending on the wallet, the corresponding card must be selected and active or you must send a pulse via the corresponding card by clicking on «Pay», for example.

SwissPass Mobile

SwissPass Mobile can already be used as a (carrier) card, but not yet as a payment method. SBB is still working on this. At the moment, the payment function is only available using the plastic card.

Operating Venda machines

The VendaAutomat is made up of a user terminal and a payment terminal. All card transactions take place in the lower part of the vending machine.

«My Tickets» button

In addition to selling tickets, the VendaAutomat offers other functions:

If you press the My Tickets button, you will be asked to log in using your payment method: a credit/debit or VendaPrepaid card. Details of recent purchases are shown on the screen. If you need a receipt, you can download it now. The QR code shown on the screen has to be scanned.

If you have logged in using a VendaPrepaid card, you can also see its current credit balance.

SwissPass holders log in via the start screen. They can also see all details of your recent purchases.

Please note:

When paying with a credit/debit or SwissPass payment card (without a VendaProfit customer account): it is possible to retrieve details of recent transactions as a guest by entering a ticket number and to download a receipt if required.


Whenever you travel with a dog/bike, you pay a reduced second-class ticket , regardless of whether the main ticket is valid for travel in first or second class. In addition, both tickets have a cost ceiling (dog: CHF 25 / bike: CHF 14). If the ticket price turns out to be higher, a day pass for the whole canton of Graubünden is automatically issued.

Ticket vending machine that is suitable for the disabled

The VendaAutomat is suitable for the disabled. In Chur, it features a four-quadrant mode (4QM) to help people with poor eyesight buy tickets.

Many ticket vending machines in Switzerland are provided with 4QM technology. The 4QM screen is divided into four equally sized fields (‘quadrants’). The information regarding the entire buying process is shown in extra-large type across these fields. Upon request, you can also have this information read out to you loud (‘with speech output’).

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