Venda is the next generation of public transport tickets. At the VendaAutomat machines, you can buy electronic tickets and travelcards valid for the canton of Graubünden without cash. You will find VendaAutomat machines in three regions and on various PostBus routes throughout Graubünden.

Graubünden’s new ticket vending system

ChipCard/EASYDRIVE terminals have to be replaced as they have reached the end of their useful life. This is why the new Graubünden ticket vending system called Venda is being rolled out across the three regions where these terminals have been in use:

- Chur (Landquart – Rhäzüns)
- Davos (Laret – Wiesen including the side valleys of Dischma, Sertig und Monstein)
- Upper Engadine (Maloja – Cinuos-chel und Spinas – Alp Grüm)

New VendaAutomat machines are going to replace the existing ChipCard/EASYDRIVE terminals on buses and at selected bus stops/RhB stations. You can buy electronic tickets from VendaAutomat machines cash-free.

The new ticket vending system is a shared project of Graubünden's following transport companies:


In the future, you will still be able to buy tickets and travelcards as before:
- online on
- SBB, Fairtiq and ÖV-Plus apps
- Ticket vending machines (SBB, RhB, PostBus)
- Public transport counters

Venda’s advantages

- fast and easy: Tickets can be bought directly on the bus
- SwissPass: a single card to carry all your tickets (new: also single tickets) and travelcards
- Swiss Pass functions: Store your ticket digitally to use it as a payment method

a) New: monthly billing
Advantage compared to the past: No need to top up and check credit

The monthly bill by post is chargeable. If you would like to receiving the bill by post, you will be charged a fee of CHF 2.90. Electronic delivery of the bill is free of charge. You can change the delivery method yourself at any time in the SelfService portal.

b) Creating a VendaProfit customer account: available to all SwissPass holders
Advantage: Discount within the tariff associations Transreno, engadin mobil and Davos (Zone 400).

c) New: in case of loss, blocking via
Advantage compared to the past: Your credit balance remains intact


VendaAutomat machines can be found on buses and at the transport company's selected stops across the three regions as well as on various PostBus routes throughout the canton of Graubünden.

Region Chur

Transreno tariff association (Landquart - Rhäzüns)
Chur Bus, PostBus and RhB stations

Chur Bus at the following stops:
- Chur, Bahnhofplatz
- Chur, Alexanderplatz
- Chur, Quader Center
- Chur, Albula
- Chur, Post 1 (scheduled)
- Chur, Kalchbühl (scheduled)
- Chur, Kantonsspital (scheduled)
- Chur, Waldhaus (scheduled)
- Chur, Sardona (scheduled)
- Chur, Malteser (scheduled)
- Chur, Gaswerk (scheduled)
- Chur, Scawoba (scheduled)

RhB at the following stations:
- Landquart
- Landquart Ried
- Zizers
- Igis
- Untervaz-Trimmis
- Haldenstein
- Chur Bahnhof
- Chur Altstadt
- Chur West
- Chur Wiesental
- Felsberg
- Domat/Ems
- Domat/Ems Werk
- Reichenau-Tamins
- Bonaduz
- Rhäzüns


Davos tariff association (Laret - Wiesen including the side valleys of Dischma, Sertig und Monstein)

Davos Transport Company at the following stops:
- Wolfgang
- Hochgebirgsklinik
- Teufi
- Horlauben
- Postplatz
- Bahnhof Platz, Wendeplatz Bus
- Spital
- Sertig Sand

RhB at the following stations:
- Davos Laret
- Davos Wolfgang
- Davos Dorf
- Davos Platz
- Davos Frauenkirch
- Davos Glaris
- Davos Monstein
- Davos Wiesen

Upper Engadine

engadin mobil tariff association (Maloja - Cinuos-chel and Spinas - Alp Grüm)
Engadin Bus, St. Moritz Local Bus, PostBus and RhB stations

Engadin Bus at the following stops:
- Pontresina, Post
- Celerina, Cresta Palace
- St. Moritz, Schulhausplatz
- St. Moritz, Bahnhof
- St. Moritz, Via San Gian
- St. Moritz Bad, Via Salet
- St. Moritz Bad, Sonne
- Silvaplana, Kreisel Mitte

RhB at the following stations:
- Cinuos-chel-Brail
- S-chanf
- La Punt Chamues-ch
- Zuoz
- Madulain
- Morteratsch
- Bernina Diavolezza
- Bernina Lagalb
- Bernina Suot
- Ospizio Bernina
- Pontresina
- Surovas
- Punt Muragl
- Bever
- Spinas
- Samedan
- Celerina
- St. Moritz

PostBus routes in the canton of Graubünden

Region Chur
- 90.033 Chur - Trimmis - Untervaz
- 90.013 Chur - Zizers - Igis (direct)
- 90.021 Landquart - Mastrils
- 90.022 Bad Ragaz - Fläsch - Maienfeld - Jenins - Landquart
- 90.023 Landquart - Igis - Untervaz Bahnhof
- 90.024 Landquart - Igis
- 90.025 Trimmis - Says
- 90.041 Chur - St. Peter - Peist
- 90.042 Chur - Tschiertschen
- 90.081 Chur - Domat/Ems - Tamins - Flims - Laax
- 90.171 Chur - San Bernardino - Bellinzona
- 90.182 Chur - Lenzerheide/Lai - Bivio
- 90.183 Lenzerheide/Lai - Davos Platz
- 90.184 Lenzerheide/Lai - Vaz/Obervaz

- 90.301 Laret Landhaus - Spital
- 90.308 Davos Platz Bahnhof - Clavadel/Sertig
- 90.310 Monstein - Glaris
- 90.331 Davos Platz - Flüela - Susch

Upper Engadine
- 90.604 St. Moritz - Maloja - Castasegna - Chiavenna
- 90.632 Soglio - Promontogno
- 90.701 Le Prese - Poschiavo - Ospizio Bernina - Pontresina

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